DPP identifies and executes strategies that leverage our requisite knowledge, experience, enabling platforms and relationships
to develop and accelerate high-performance business models with proven and quantifiable results.

Digital Business Strategy and Execution
- Strategic goal-setting
- Business model innovation, creation & transformation 
- Pricing strategy and product/service monetization choices
- Pricing tactics and discounting
- Process steering and implementation
- Product development and commercialization planning
- Financial modeling and forecasting 

Social Media and Mobile Strategy
- Channel planning and distribution
- Awareness-creation
- Social branding & marketing
- Channel / application ideation and commercialization

Sales, Marketing and Business Development
- Sales planning, targeting and segmentation 
- Channel partnerships, syndication and affiliate programs
- Outsourced business development 
- Marketing/publicity planning
- Online media planning and channel selection
- Expert forums and venues; thought-leader recruitment

Optimized Discoverability & Digital Standards Best Practices
- Content / meta-data structure, including document type definitions (DTDs)
- Tagging and source code optimization
- ISO Information Services Standards 
- Supply chain meta-data messaging frameworks (ONIX)
- Organic search / search engine marketing
- Content syndication

Platforms and Architecture Advisory
- Digital asset and content management 
- Learning Management 
- Enterprise Portals and Ecosystems 

Business Intelligence and Analytics
- Semantic sentiment analysis 
- Market segmentation
- Competitive and market analysis
- Stakeholder assessment and needs gathering
- e-book sales analytics