Web 3.0 is starting now. Are you ready?

Digital media has evolved from one-way delivery of information into an interactive dialogue between stakeholders. We understand the right paths to enabling and monetizing the content experience.

How do you reach your target audience?

The ability to connect with customers and delivering a personalized and dynamic content experience has never been more accessible, affordable and measurable.

Let DPP show you how to accelerate your digital business strategy to the next level.

We help clients formulate, develop and implement winning digital business models with a focus on results.

In the agile, increasingly complex and dynamic world of digital business, it helps to have trusted partners.

The �agency model,� mobile devices, the semantic web, social networks and reading applications are just some of the things that are changing the business of content and information. We�re not your average consulting firm�we are a trusted partner who understands what it takes to build sustainable value and shares in your success.

Do you know where you�re going and how to get there?

The path to success is no longer straight-forward or predictable. Whether you are a legacy business needing to make transformative leap or a start-up needing experienced guidance and support to grow, DPP can help you define and navigate the paths to success.

There�s a world of opportunity.

Consumers account for 25% of global information and communications technology spending. There are dozens of e-readers, thousands of applications and over a billion people around the globe now have access to the internet. Mobile devices outnumber desktop computers by a factor of two. And its only the beginning of the digital evolution�

Embrace the Velocity

DPP delivers actionable insights, solutions and relationships to publishing, media and information companies ready to embrace the velocity and opportunities in today�s exciting, innovative and game-changing digital economy.


Navigate the Disruption

While potentially disruptive and threatening to legacy business models, shifting sales channels and the emergence of a multiplicity of social networks, e-readers and mobile platforms are enabling new opportunities to build customer relationships, monetize content, migrate and position brands for success. We help clients navigate and take advantage of digital disruption.


The DPP Difference

We understand and appreciate the business transformation facing our industry and how the convergence of content and technology are enabling new methods for discoverability and a next-generation content experience. By focusing on demand creation and enabling superior product and service-level performance, DPP helps clients formulate, develop and implement winning business models with a focus on results.